Wednesday, December 2, 2009

to our new followers

I see by the dashboard that we have two new followers, Tres Iqus(john) and Jose A. This blog tells you some things about Razz, as he called himself in blogging, or Chris, as we learned his real name was. Fortunately, his own blog, doinmeheadin, has been left up. You can read it for yourselves and see what a remarkable young man he was, how he loved his friends and how they loved him, what a strong spirit he had. There are a couple of pictures as well, but never a complete one of his face while he was blogging. But from what's there, you can also see how good-looking he was.

He did censor a few of his posts. He did not want to tell us how serious his illness was and removed some of the parts where he let us know how serious things had become.

But I'm sure you'll appreciate what an uncommon person he was and what a wonderful friend. Please add your comments, if you care to. I'm sure we'd all be happy to know that he still touches people.


AG said...

I stumbled upon this "in memoriam" through Aek's profile.

I instantly got sucked in ... i slowly dug deeper and deeper to find out out more about this truly fascinating boy. I read through the remainders of his blog and through the condolences. I cried a lot.

It made me aware how precious life is.
And how quickly everything can change.
You run around happily, then you break your leg. You still don't think of it as being rly serious. A few medical checks and months later and you are dead.

And still Chris seemed to have remained a rather joyful boy.
I feel for his family, and especially for his bf Jay.

I can only vaguely imagine how hard this all must have been for Jay. My bf got involved in a car accident once, and for weeks I couldn't sleep and had dreams of him dying. I cannot imagine how this all must have felt for Jay and Razz's family.

His blog, and especially THIS blog, keeps the memory of Razz alive, and even allow those to remember him who never had the chance to get to know him before he passed away.

It also keeps the message of Razz's life and death alive. It shows us that life is short and we got to use the time we have.
And that we should be happy for every single day we are allowed to live on.

Rest in Peace, you lovely stranger.

Pilgrim said...

I´ve read the post yesterday already, but was not really able to comment; now I do. Chris was, though we had only an evening in a bar, one of the most amazing persons I´ve met so far! And by then he had only a couple of weeks to live, but no bleak face or sorrowful eyes! He was enjoying life to the fullest! I admire his way to deal with things, still today. I miss him!

Steevo said...

does anyone know how jay is or had contact with him or other of razz's housemates?