Wednesday, December 2, 2009

to our new followers

I see by the dashboard that we have two new followers, Tres Iqus(john) and Jose A. This blog tells you some things about Razz, as he called himself in blogging, or Chris, as we learned his real name was. Fortunately, his own blog, doinmeheadin, has been left up. You can read it for yourselves and see what a remarkable young man he was, how he loved his friends and how they loved him, what a strong spirit he had. There are a couple of pictures as well, but never a complete one of his face while he was blogging. But from what's there, you can also see how good-looking he was.

He did censor a few of his posts. He did not want to tell us how serious his illness was and removed some of the parts where he let us know how serious things had become.

But I'm sure you'll appreciate what an uncommon person he was and what a wonderful friend. Please add your comments, if you care to. I'm sure we'd all be happy to know that he still touches people.