Friday, March 26, 2010

First Anniversary — March 26, 2010

Today is the first anniversary of Razz's death. I hope all readers of this blog will take a moment to remember how much joy he shared with us and how bravely he dealt with his cancer. Those who believe in such things — as I do — will probably want to offer a prayer for him.

If you're finding this blog for the first time, check out his own blog, doinmeheadin, to see who he was. I'm sure you will be as captivated as I was by the charming personality he exhibited there.


Anonymous said...

It's gone now :/

naturgesetz said...

I'm sorry to learn that. It was pleasant to be able to go back and revisit what he said.

If I had realized this might happen, I could have copied a few of the more cheerful posts and a few of the poignant ones, especially "My life has been perfect."

Pilgrim said...

Razz´s/Chris´ blog is deleted by now! Please notify the people! Propz Pilgrim

naturgesetz said...

Andy already pointed it out last May.

It's unfortunate that they decided to remove that bit of contact with him.