Saturday, September 26, 2009

the fallen

it's hard to believe, but it's six months (today) since Razz died.

i'd been wondering how to mark the occasion and a few days ago i heard a really nice piece of music when my ipod shuffled on to it.

i've made a slideshow using that music and a bunch of photos i took when i was coincidentally in Brighton on the weekend that the news broke. i posted a couple of those photos on my post Remembering Razz, back in April.

i hope you like the music.




Closet said...


Pilgrim said...

Thank you, Torchy! Pilgrim

Aek said...

Wow, I was just thinking about this a few days ago. This almost brought tears to my eyes.

naturgesetz said...

torchy!, this is really poignant. The music is beautiful, and the photos of the gull give a feeling of hope. The solitary figure at the end reminds us movingly of our loss.