Thursday, June 25, 2009

June 26 — 90th Day

In my previous post I stated that it used to be customary to offer Masses on the 30th and 90th days after death or burial. I was correct about the 30th day, but I find no reference to the 90th day in my 1952 missal. Nevertheless, since torchy! reminded me of what I had said, here is a prayer for Razz.

Lord, may our prayers come before you and lead Chris your servant to eternal joy. You created him in your image and made him your son. In your mercy now welcome him to a place in your kingdom. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

We remember his hearty joy in living, and hope that it continues in a life beyond the one we see. 


torchy! said...

Amen to that.

Thank you NG, I greatly appreciate you writing that prayer.


Pilgrim said...

First off, big thx to Torchy! :-)...Also "Amen" to Joe´s prayer. When I go to Bristol,Ste will show me Chris´tomb, and I might give Chris a last salute in form of some flowers.

Pilgrim said...

I want to say Amen as well, and the day, I meet Ste, he will me show Chris´grave, where I will lay down some flowers. This is a bit different to my original post, but I hope to get published. Propz Pilgrim

Steevo said...

Maybe we could see Razz's final resting place? Posta pic here maybe?


Honestly Ed said...

I just discovered his blog today and I am gutted that I didn't see before his sad death. I will have to read every post he wrote over my spare time. May he rest in pace.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I stumbled across some of your blog this morning while battling some of my demons, I couldn't sleep. I've found that finding a good gay blog, someone battling some of the same things maybe I battle can help.

Anyway, I found your blogs which led to this blog, which led me to reading Razz's blog.

Let me say, he lives on through his still-published blog, or the remnants of it, and I'm quite touched right now by the whole thing and feel horrible, but through the sadness, I've gained some perspective that perhaps I needed.

My condolences to you his blogging friends, to Jay who must be crushed, he's in my thoughts. His family who he clearly adored and his best friend Ste, who clearly was there for him through everything. The post where they went to the Pub and talked about death, knowing how this horrible ordeal ends, well it is just overwhelming and what a friend Ste must be to be there for him to talk about all that.

And of course his American friend Mike hugging him and not letting go in his last post on his blog and how he handled that situation so tenderly. But he had such joy with his friends and family around and was clearly given the gift of Love.

So I can at least smile at that, but I'm moved and just wanted to post it here, hopefully for those that loved him to maybe read.

Thanks for listening and may I say, rest in peace Chris. You made a difference in the people who loved you and you had an impact on me this morning half a year after your passing. An impact of being comfortable with yourself, Love, don't be concerned with the petty stuff, I loved his post about the "good" coming out stories. How he was so at ease with himself and his sexuality. He was taken way too soon.

Steevo said...

@closet: It's ok however you feel or whatever the demons try. You can beat them back.

There are many of us here who will listen and console or w/e u need as a tribute to razz and cuz its what we do here.

Yes, closet, you missed a gem of a guy in razz.

I and many others i'm sure would like to hear more from you. If you dont want to do a blog I would post something from you for all us to read to get to know you better...if u want that. Be as vague as you want.

If you want to correspond by email thats fine too. My email in on my blog.

I dont know how old u r or where from, but that does not matter at all. If you need an ear lots of us are here.

Or you can do comments here and we'll have a group discussion.

***flash*** Oh, yeah! I am an author HERE. Maybe I'll do a post: How "'closet' met 'Razz'". Now that would please Razz no end I bet. Edgy like him, push the envelope... LOL damn i miss him...

Pilgrim.. when u see ste ask how everyone is doing and is it ok to share a general update with razz/chris' pals.

A pic of his final resting place would be super. You can take it so we dont see his last name as his fam deserves privacy. If ste thinks it is Ok. I esp. hope jake is OK and how r the housemates?

Here's to Razz!! Hip Hip...

A nice memorial to razz would be a companion blog to his where people who meet him for the first time can chime in. This could be it!

Whatchu think guys?